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Provisional timeline for future data availability

  • Recently made available:
    • Primary care (GP) data for around 45% of the cohort, containing coded clinical data and prescriptions (category 3000).

    • "First occurrence" fields (category 1712) showing the first occurrence of any code mapped to 3-character ICD-10. The data-fields have been generated by mapping:

      • Read code information in the Primary Care data (Category 3000),
      • ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes in the Hospital inpatient data (Category 2000),
      • ICD-10 codes in Death Register records (Field 40001, Field 40002), and
      • Self-reported medical condition codes (Field 20002) reported at the baseline or subsequent UK Biobank assessment centre visit

      to 3-character ICD-10 codes.
    • Freesurfer segmentation data (categories 190-197).

    • The hospital inpatient data has been restructured, and a very small amount of additional data has been added. See Update of HES data - September 2019 for more details.

  • Available in 2020:
    • Enhanced cancer data: cancer stage and grade.

    • Imaging data for more participants (including derived DXA data).

    • Additional death records.

    • Additional hospital data – including Scottish maternity and psychiatric data.

    • Data from web-based questionnaires on self-reported pain and on food preferences.

    • Exome data for 150,000 participants.

  • Improving the health of future generations