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Provisional timeline for future data availability

  • Recently made available:
    • Exome sequencing data for 50,000 participants.

    • Biochemistry assay data - serum and red blood cells assay data for all participants. See here for the list of biomarkers that have been measured.

    • Updated hospital inpatient and death and cancer registry data.

    • Additional summary data fields for hospital inpatient data, including corresponding first recorded diagnosis/procedure date.

    • Algorithmically-derived health outcomes for: Asthma, COPD, Dementia, End stage renal disease, Motor neurone disease, Parkinson's disease.

    • Infectious disease pilot study (10,000 participants).

  • Available later in 2019:
    • Primary care (GP) data for around half the cohort, containing coded clinical data and prescriptions.

    • Enhanced cancer data: cancer stage and grade.

  • Improving the health of future generations