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Understanding UK Biobank

Data collection

Retrospective timeline of the data currently available

Baseline assessment

Map of assessment centres
Layout of assessment clinics
Assessment clinics timelines

Repeat assessment

How the data was collected
Characteristics of responders and non-responders

Linked health data

 Data access and processing

Data providers and dates of data availability
Integrating electronic health records into the UK Biobank Resource
Matching algorithms for external data
Validation and cleaning of externally collected data

 Death and cancer registries

Death and cancer outcomes report
Prevalent and incident cancers report

 Hospital admissions

Mapping inpatient hospital data across England, Scotland and Wales
Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data in Showcase
Tabulations of selected health outcomes in HES inpatient records

 Update of hospital inpatient data: March 2019

Update of HES data

Improving the health of future generations