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Provisional timeline for future data availability

The timeline for data previously made available can be found here.

  • Recently made available (Feb 2020):
    • Replacement exome sequencing data from the SPB pipeline (~50,000 participants). These will replace Data-fields 23171 - 23174.

    • Imaging data:

      • Additional NIFTI brain images.
      • Additional derived brain imaging data, including data for 10 new Data-fields (Fields 25921 - 25930).
      • Raw carotid ultrasound data (Field 20241).
    • Derived imaging variables:

    • Other data collected at the assessment centre visits:

      • Impedance data from the imaging and repeat imaging visits (Category 100009).
      • Paired associate learning cognitive function test data (Category 506).
    • Data from the online questionnaire on food preferences (Category 1039).

    • Various Returned Results via the Returns Catalogue, including returns with derived individual-level data related to: cardiac measures, eye measures, actigraphy, spirometry, and weather. See here for more details of the returned datasets that have recently been made available.

    • Additional Data-fields for the online cognitive function questionnaire (Category 116) relating to device (Field 23077 and Field 23078) and mood (Category 155).

  • Available Quarter 3 2020:
    • Exome sequencing data for ~150,000 participants.

  • Also available in 2020:
    • Additional death records.

    • Additional hospital data – including Scottish maternity and psychiatric data.

    • Enhanced cancer data: cancer stage and grade.

    • Data from an online questionnaire on self-reported pain.

    • Body composition and bone mineral density data from DXA.

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