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Provisional timeline for future data availability

Data previously made available

The timeline for data previously made available can be found here.

Data made available in July 2020:

All these data will (initially) only be accessible via the Data Portal.

Researchers who are already approved to access Data-fields in Category 2006 or who have requested hospital data via the COVID-19 subscription page, will be able to access the updated inpatient hospital tables on the Data Portal without requiring a basket refresh.

Researchers who are already approved to access any Data-field in Category 100093 or who have requested death data via the COVID-19 subscription page will be able to access the updated death data tables on the Data Portal without submitting a new basket containing Field 40023 or requiring a basket refresh.

Going forward, the inpatient and death tables on the Data Portal will be updated as new data becomes available, so no basket refreshes will be required to access the most up-to-date record-level inpatient and death data. Please see here for details, and for information about when each table on the Data Portal was last updated.

The summary inpatient Data-fields in Category 2001, Category 2002, Category 2003, Category 2004 and Category 2005 and the Death Register Data-fields in Category 100093 including Field 40007 and Field 40010, are not being updated in this data release. Likewise, the Algorithmically-defined outcome fields in Category 42 and First Occurrences fields (Category 1712) are not being updated at this stage to take account of the new inpatient and death data. We hope to update these at later Showcase updates.

Blood-type haplotype data (Field 23165) is now available via a new table on the Data Portal ('covid19_misc') to any researcher who has access to the COVID-19 test results data (Field 40100) (given the interest in this for COVID-19 research). Other researchers will be able to access this data in due course.

UK Biobank assessment centres are currently temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Data from visits before the assessment centres closed has been added to the resource in recent months so researchers might wish to check they have the most up-to-date data by comparing summary statistics with those on Showcase. However, as UK Biobank hopes to release more record linkage data in the near future, you might want to wait until then before requesting basket refreshes.

Available July 2020:

Also available in 2020:

Please be aware that due to the current COVID-19 emergency UK Biobank's priorities for future data availability are under review. Some of the data listed above may be delayed due to resources being diverted to making COVID-19 data available to researchers. We are unable to give more detailed information at this time, but we will update this page when we know more.

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