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Timelines for data availability

Data previously made available

The timeline for data previously made available can be found on the past timelines page.

Future data availability

For information on planned future data releases, please see the future timelines page.

Most recent data releases - July 2021

Available through Showcase fields:

Available on the Data Portal:

Rolling updates to returned datasets

Updates to datasets returned by researchers are made on an ongoing basis. For a list of available returns, please see the returns page. Please note that this list may not be fully up-to-date.

Rolling updates to death, hospital inpatient & Covid-19 test result data

There will be regular updates to tables on the Data Portal for the Death data for England, Scotland and Wales, the Hospital Inpatient data for England & Scotland, and the Critical Care data for England. These will will only be mentioned in data release information above when Showcase fields are updated as well. These updates should occur every one or two months, but this may be longer on occasion. The Covid-19 test result data for England, Scotland & Wales will be updated approximately every month (possibly more frequently in the case of England). The date that each table on the Data Portal was last updated can be found at the bottom of this page.

For information on the coverage dates for the various types of linked health data, including estimates for censoring dates that would apply to longitudinal studies, see the Data providers and dates page.

Note on English & Scottish inpatient data

UK Biobank has started to receive monthly extracts of hospital inpatient data for England, with each file containing the whole financial year to that point. Whilst we remove exact duplicates of previous episodes, we have noted occasions where a second record exists which differs slightly from a previous episode despite clearly being a record of the same hospital episode. Currently, both versions of this same episode will appear in our released data.

Similarly the extracts from Scotland are all records from 01/04/2019 onwards. Again, exact duplicates have been removed, but there remain in the new records low numbers of admissions from 01/04/2019. We have not made any attempts as yet to determine if these are genuinely new admissions, or alterations to previous admission records.

We are exploring methods for retaining only the most recent version of each hospital admission, but for now researchers should take this issue into consideration when working with the data.

Updates to the Data Portal

The table below gives details of the current status of the tables on the Data Portal, in particular when they were each last updated. The frequency with which new data will be made available will vary by table and could change over time.

The data on this table is refreshed each night so updates will appear the day after new data have been added to the tables. The row counts will sometimes decrease due to data being removed for participants who have withdrawn from the study.