Resource 157002
Name:Analysis workflow for UKB Axiom Array - interim release

Note that this document relates to the interim release of genotyping data on 150K participants in 2015 and has been superceded.

UK Biobank Axiom Array is a powerful tool for translational research in the fields of epidemiology, human disease, and population genetics. Designed by leading researchers for use by UK Biobank, the highly informative content categories include markers corresponding to observed or expected rare alternate alleles of potentially significant phenotypic interest as well as markers in complex regions of the genome. This advanced design requires custom analysis steps to gain full value from the array. Axiom Genotyping Solution Data Analysis Guide (P/N 702961) provides detailed information for analyzing Axiom arrays. For best results users should follow the steps of the Best Practices Genotyping Analysis Workflow. This Analysis Note provides additional instructions for customized analysis options and unique markers specific to UK Biobank Axiom Array.

This resource can be downloaded or viewed using the link: ukbiobankarray_analysis_note.pdf

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