Category 2000
Hospital in-patient - Health-related outcomes


This category contains data on in-patient hospital admissions, obtained through linkage to external data providers. In-patients are defined as persons who are admitted to hospital and occupy a hospital bed. This includes both admissions where an overnight stay is planned and day cases.

A Spell is a total continuous stay of a patient in a hospital from admission to discharge. A Spell is split into one or more Episodes, each of which is a continuous period of care administered under one consultant within that hospital provider. If a patient is transferred to another consultant during a Spell, a new Episode is generated. Each record in the in-patient hospital data corresponds to a single Episode, with particular fields indicating which Spell it belongs to and its position within that Spell.

Hospital in-patient data are available to researchers in two formats:

Spell and Episode Data
If you select data-fields from the Spell & Episode Data sub-categories in your basket, then due to the size and complexity of the data, access to the specific fields you have selected will be made available via the HES Data Portal.

The Episode-level data has not been subjected to any substantial processing by UK Biobank, and is provided in a form close to the form in which we received it. For researchers needing only data about diagnoses and procedures and their first known occurence dates we would recommend using the Summary Information fields below.

Summary Information
The Summary Information sub-categories provide a simplified overview of the data appearing in the Episode-level in-patient data. These data-fields include a list for each participant of all the distinct values that appear for that data-field across all episodes in the in-patient data. For most of the diagnosis and operation summary data-fields only there are accompanying data-fields containing the date each diagnosis or procedure code was first recorded in the inpatient data for each participant.

If you select data-fields from the Summary Information sub-categories in your basket they will appear in a standard UK Biobank dataset.