Category 2005
Operations - Hospital in-patient - Health-related outcomes


This category contains data relating to operations or procedures performed during the hospital stay. Including: operative codes, dates of operations, lengths of pre- and post-operative stay, etc. Operations are coded according to the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys Classification of Interventions and Procedures, version 4 (OPCS-4).

For an overview of the data stored across all Episodes for a particular data-field, please access the Summary Information (operations) sub-category. These data-fields list for each participant all the distinct values for that data-field in the inpatient data, and most data-fields in this category contain a corresponding field showing the date each procedure code was first recorded in the inpatient data. These fields are supplied as part of a standard UK Biobank dataset.

To conduct detailed analyses on the in-patient hospital data, researchers will require data-fields from the Spell and Episode Data (operations) sub-category. Including data-fields from this category in a basket of variables will give: