Category 2000
Hospital in-patient - Health-related outcomes


This category contains data on in-patient hospital admissions, obtained through linkage to external data providers. In-patients are defined as persons who are admitted to hospital and occupy a hospital bed. This includes both admissions where an overnight stay is planned and day cases.

"Spell and Episode Data" categories can be found in each of the five main sections of the in-patient data. A hospital Spell is the total time a patient is in hospital, from admission to discharge. An Episode is defined as a continuous period of care administered under one consultant within one hospital provider. If a patient is transferred to another consultant or to a different hospital provider during a Spell of treatment, a new record is generated, i.e. a new Episode.

In order to conduct analyses on the in-patient hospital data, you will need to select data-fields from the "Spell and Episode Data" sub-categories that interest you. For an overview of the amount and type of data stored across all Episodes for a particular data-field, please access the "Summary Information" sub-categories.