Category 2002
Diagnoses - Hospital in-patient - Health-related outcomes


This category contains data relating to diagnoses made during hospital in-patient stay. Including: main and secondary diagnoses, coded according to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). The main diagnosis is taken to be the main reason for the hospital admission, while secondary diagnoses are more often contributory or underlying conditions.

For an overview of the data stored across all Episodes for a particular data-field, please access the Summary Information (diagnoses) sub-category. These data-fields list for each participant all the distinct values for that data-field in the inpatient data. Most data-fields in this category contain a corresponding field showing the date each diagnosis code was first recorded in the inpatient data. These fields are supplied as part of a standard UK Biobank dataset.

To conduct detailed analyses on the in-patient hospital data, researchers will require data-fields from the Spell and Episode Data (diagnoses) sub-category. Including data-fields from this category in a basket of variables will give: