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Accessing your data

Accessing UK Biobank data guide

The following document provides guidance on how to download the various different type of UK Biobank data:

Accessing data guide

Please see the Understanding UK Biobank page for information about the data available, which also includes further information and reports about linkage data (Cancer, Hospital Inpatient, Death). Please note however that no new linkage data has been made available in the February 2020 Showcase Update.

See also Provisional timeline for future data availability for information about recent and future updates.

Other useful resources

  Data Dictionary:   List of Data-Codings: The comma-separated values (csv) versions of the above are easier to view in packages such as Excel, however as the field descriptions and coding meanings sometime contain commas some of the fields are enclosed in quotes to indicate such a comma is not a separator. The tab-separated values (tsv) versions are therefore provided as an alternative.

List of bulk fields
List of records fields
List of genetic fields

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