Tabulations of selected health outcomes in HES inpatient records

This page contains links to tabulations of the number of participants with one or more admissions for selected health outcomes, shown below:

Data on hospital in-patient admissions is available for the full cohort. These data come from three separate data providers in England, Wales and Scotland. Further information about the time period of data availability is provided here (Data providers and dates). The numbers included in these tables are based on the first occurrence of these health outcomes contained in hospital in-patient records since recruitment, and are not necessarily the first instance of the disease. The numbers of conditions occurring before recruitment will be made available in due course as additional health records are added to the core repository.

This data does not take into account information from participant self-report or other linked sources of data such as hospital outpatient records or primary care data. As such, outcomes not resulting in hospital admission are not captured by these data. Both because of this, and because UK Biobank participants are not representative of the general UK population, these numbers should not be regarded as estimates of disease rates in the UK population.

The conditions highlighted here are chosen based on their likely research interest and impact on public health and/or because they are the most common. In-patient data on cancer outcomes are not listed here because more complete data on cancer registrations is provided from linkage to cancer registry data (Category 100092).

The accuracy of the codes has not been checked in detail and UK Biobank's Outcomes Working group is currently working to adjudicate the most common outcomes.

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