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Provisional timeline for future data releases

The table below gives details of upcoming data releases and estimated dates for when each release will take place. For details about the most recent data release and past releases see here.

Please be aware that due to the current COVID-19 pandemic UK Biobank's priorities for future data availability are under constant review and timelines are subject to change.

In addition to the releases below we plan to make regular updates to tables on the Data Portal for the Death data for England, Scotland and Wales, the Hospital Inpatient data for England & Scotland, and the Critical Care data for England. These should be made every one or two months, but this may be longer on occasion. The Covid-19 test result data for England will continue to be updated approximately every fortnight. The date that each table on the Data Portal was last updated can be found at the bottom of the timelines page.

Type of data About Approximate release date
DXA data Body composition and bone mineral density data from DXA January 2021
Pain self-report Data from an online questionnaire on self-reported pain January 2021
Hospital inpatient data As well as continuing rolling updates to the English & Scottish inpatient data, we plan an update to the Welsh data to cover the period since February 2018. Quarter 1 2021
Summary Inpatient fields, First Occurrences fields & Algorithmically-defined outcome fields The summary inpatient fields (Category 2000), the First Occurrences (Category 1712) and Algorithmically-defined Outcomes (Category 42) will be updated to account for the new death and inpatient data. Quarter 1 2021
Updated GP data Further primary care (GP) data from TPP & EMIS.

This data will be available to be used for COVID-19 research only.
Quarter 1 2021
Cancer data An update to the cancer registry data. Quarter 1 2021
Enhanced cancer data Cancer stage and grade. Data on cancer treatment including radiotherapy, chemotherapy cycles and surgery. 2021
Scottish and Welsh primary care data Primary care data for Scotland and Wales will be made available on the Data Portal.

This data will be available to be used for COVID-19 research only.
Additional Scottish hospital inpatient data Scottish maternity and psychiatric data 2021

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