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Return 3666Advanced body composition assessment: from body mass index to body composition profilingBorga, M. et al2021-07-23Yes6569
Return 3664Kidney segmentation in neck-to-knee body MRI of 40,000 UK Biobank participants.Langner, T. et al2021-07-23Yes14237
Return 3662Sex-specific genetic effects across biomarkersFlynn et al.,2021-07-22No24983
Return 3657Prediction of cardiovascular risk factors from retinal fundus photographs via deep learningPoplin et al.,2021-07-19No17643
Return 3656Detection of anaemia from retinal fundus images via deep learningMitani et al.,2021-07-19No17643
Return 3655Deep Learning for Predicting Refractive Error From Retinal Fundus ImagesVaradarajan et al.,2021-07-19No17643
Return 3653Serum free testosterone and asthma, asthma hospitalisations and lung function in British adultsHan et al2021-07-15No43252
Return 3651A large-scale population study of early life factors influencing left-handednessde Kovel, Carri<f3>n-Castillo & Francks2021-07-14No16066
Return 3647Examining the association between family status and depression in the UK BiobankGiannelis et al.,2021-07-12No45514
Return 3648Exploring health in the UK Biobank: associations with sociodemographic characteristics, psychosocial factors, lifestyle and environmental exposuresMutz et al.,2021-07-12No45514
Return 3642External Validation of Risk Prediction Models Incorporating Common Genetic Variants for Incident Colorectal Cancer Using UK BiobankSaunders et al.,2021-07-09No28126
Return 3640Risk factors for surgery due to rotator cuff disease in a population-based cohortYanik et al2021-07-09No27034
Return 3638Glomerular filtration rate by differing measures, albuminuria and prediction of cardiovascular disease, mortality and end-stage kidney diseaseLees et al2021-07-09No9310
Return 3635Reference ranges for cardiac structure and function using cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) in Caucasians from the UK Biobank population cohortPetersen et al.,2021-07-09Yes2964
Return 3633Genetic effects on planum temporale asymmetry and their limited relevance to neurodevelopmental disorders, intelligence or educational attainmentCarrion-Castillo et al2021-07-09No16066
Return 3630Identification of novel risk loci, causal insights, and heritable risk for Parkinson<U+0092>s disease: a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studiesNalls et al2021-07-09No12505
Return 3628Physical activity and left ventricular trabeculation in the UK Biobank community-based cohort studyWoodbridge et al.,2021-07-07Yes2964
Return 3623Identity-by-descent detection across 487,409 British samples reveals fine scale population structure and ultra-rare variant associationsSaada et al2021-07-02Yes43206
Return 3621Improved polygenic prediction by Bayesian multiple regression on summary statisticsLloyd-Jones et al2021-07-02No12514
Return 3619Impact of Genetically Predicted Red Blood Cell Traits on Venous Thromboembolism: Multivariable Mendelian Randomization Study Using UK BiobankLuo et al2021-07-02Yes14864
Return 3616Evidence of horizontal indirect genetic effects in humansXia et al.,2021-06-30No788
Return 3614Analysis of exome-sequenced UK Biobank subjects implicates genes affecting risk of hyperlipidaemiaCurtis2021-06-30No51119
Return 3610Lung Development Genes and Adult Lung FunctionPortas et al.,2021-06-30No19136
Return 3609Factors in Color Fundus Photographs That Can Be Used by Humans to Determine Sex of IndividualsYamashita et al.,2021-06-30No43140
Return 3603Meat intake and cancer risk: prospective analyses in UK BiobankKnuppel et al.,2021-06-29No24494
Return 3602Circulating Insulin-like Growth Factor-I Concentrations and Risk of 30 Cancers: Prospective Analyses in UK BiobankKnuppel et al.,2021-06-29No24494
Return 3604Health impacts and environmental footprints of diets that meet the Eatwell Guide recommendations: analyses of multiple UK studiesScheelbeek et al2021-06-29No24494
Return 3586Resource Profile and User Guide of the Polygenic Index RepositoryBecker, J. et al2021-06-24Yes11425
Return 3583A unified framework for association and prediction from vertex-wise grey-matter structureCouvy-Duchesne et al2021-06-22No12505
Return 3582Glycated Hemoglobin A1c, Lung Function, and Hospitalizations Among Adults with AsthmaYang et al2021-06-22No43252
Return 3561Independent left ventricular morphometric atlases show consistent relationships with cardiovascular risk factors: a UK biobank studyGilbert et al.2021-06-21Yes2964
Return 3551Association of obesity status and metabolic syndrome with site-specific cancers: a population-based cohort studyCao et al.,2021-06-10No45676
Return 3547Genome-wide association study identifies 143 loci associated with 25 hydroxyvitamin D concentrationRevez et al.,2021-06-09No10214
Return 3545Genetically raised serum bilirubin levels and lung cancer: a cohort study and Mendelian randomisation using UK BiobankHorsfall et al.,2021-06-09No5167
Return 3542Oestradiol and the risk of myocardial infarction in women: a cohort study of UK Biobank participantsPeters et al2021-06-09No2495
Return 3522Genome-wide association study of fish oil supplementation on lipid traits in 81,246 individuals reveals new gene-diet interaction lociFrancis et al2021-06-07No48818
Return 3500External Replication of Urinary Bladder Cancer Prognostic Polymorphisms in the UK BiobankNadezda et al2021-05-28No42772
Return 3502Bilirubin is not associated with urinary bladder cancer risk and prognosis: A Mendelian Randomization Study in the UK BiobankLipunova et al2021-05-28No42772
Return 3469Comparison of accelerometer-derived physical activity levels between individuals with and without cancer: a UK Biobank studyMcDonald et al2021-05-27Yes44513
Return 3460Genetic architecture of complex traits and disease risk predictorsYong et al2021-05-26No15326
Return 3459Genomic Prediction of 16 Complex Disease Risks Including Heart Attack, Diabetes, Breast and Prostate CancerLello et al2021-05-26No15326
Return 3462Accurate Genomic Prediction of Human HeightLello et al2021-05-26No15326
Return 3461Sibling validation of polygenic risk scores and complex trait predictionLello et al2021-05-26No15326
Return 3457A genetic model of ivabradine recapitulates results from randomized clinical trialsLegault et al2021-05-26No20168
Return 3454Analysis of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in 36,000 individuals yields genetic insights into dilated cardiomyopathyPirruccello et al2021-05-26Yes7089
Return 3452Genome-wide association study of medication-use and associated disease in the UK BiobankWu et al2021-05-25No12514
Return 3449Do neighbourhood characteristics act together to influence BMI? A cross-sectional study of urban parks and takeaway/fast-food stores as modifiers of the effect of physical activity facilitiesMason et al.2021-05-25No17380
Return 3447The effect of X-linked dosage compensation on complex trait variationSidorenko et al.2021-05-25No12505
Return 3444Medical and neurobehavioural phenotypes in carriers of X-linked ichthyosis-associated genetic deletions in the UK BiobankBrcic et al2021-05-25Yes14421
Return 3442Trans-ancestry genome-wide association meta-analysis of prostate cancer identifies new susceptibility loci and informs genetic risk predictionConti, D. et al2021-05-25Yes42195
Return 3438The association between recreational screen time and cancer risk: findings from the UK Biobank, a large prospective cohort studyHunter et al2021-05-24No3173
Return 3437Physical activity and cancer risk: Findings from the UK Biobank, a large prospective cohort studyMurray et al2021-05-24No3173
Return 3431Genome-wide analysis identifies novel susceptibility loci for myocardial infarctionHartiala et al2021-05-21No33307
Return 3432Association of serum HDL-cholesterol and apolipoprotein A1 levels with risk of severe SARS-CoV-2 infectionHilser et al2021-05-21Yes33307
Return 3433Diabetes, glycated haemoglobin and the risk of myocardial infarction in women and men: a prospective cohort study of the UK Biobank.De Jong, M. et al2021-05-21No2495
Return 3428Genome-wide analysis highlights contribution of immune system pathways to the genetic architecture of asthmaHan Y. et al2021-05-20No33307
Return 3426Causal effects of education on chronic kidney disease: a Mendelian randomization studyPark, S. et al2021-05-20Yes53799
Return 3421Genome-wide association analysis of 19,629 individuals identifies variants influencing regional brain volumes and refines their genetic co-architecture with cognitive and mental health traitsZhao et al2021-05-18No22783
Return 3420Large-scale GWAS reveals genetic architecture of brain white matter microstructure and genetic overlap with cognitive and mental health traits (n = 17,706)Zhao et al2021-05-18No22783
Return 3419Heritability of Regional Brain Volumes in Large-Scale Neuroimaging and Genetic StudiesZhao et al2021-05-18No22783
Return 3417The epidemiology of regular opioid use and its association with mortality: Prospective cohort study of 466 486 UK biobank participantsMacfarlane et al2021-05-18Yes1144
Return 3415A Powerful Global Test Statistic for Functional Statistical InferenceZhang, Ibrahim, Li & Zhu2021-05-17No22783
Return 3412Estimating physical activity from self-reported behaviours in large-scale population studies using network harmonisation: findings from UK Biobank and associations with disease outcomesPearce et al2021-05-14Yes20684
Return 3403Association of systolic blood pressure and body mass index with cognitive and structural brain phenotypes in UK BiobankFerguson et al2021-05-11No17689
Return 3402Alzheimer's Disease Susceptibility Gene Apolipoprotein E (APOE) and Blood Biomarkers in UK Biobank (N = 395,769)Ferguson et al2021-05-11No17689
Return 3404PCSK9 genetic variants and cognitive abilities: a large-scale Mendelian randomization studyLyall et al2021-05-11No17689
Return 3399Associations between Alzheimer's disease polygenic risk scores and hippocampal subfield volumes in 17,161 UK Biobank participantsFoo, H. et al2021-05-10Yes37103
Return 3395Evaluating the impact of AMPK activation, a target of metformin, on risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer in the UK Biobank: a Mendelian randomisation studyLuo, S. et al2021-04-29Yes51001
Return 3393Genome-wide association study identifies 143 loci associated with 25 hydroxyvitamin D concentrationRevez, J. et al2021-04-29No12505
Return 3390GWAS for urinary sodium and potassium excretion highlights pathways shared with cardiovascular traitsPazoki et al2021-04-28No10035
Return 3388Pharmacogenetics at scale: An analysis of the UK BiobankMcInnes et al2021-04-27Yes33722
Return 3384IBDkin: fast estimation of kinship coefficients from identity by descent segmentsZhou, Y. et al2021-04-27Yes19934
Return 3382Genetically predicted telomere length is associated with clonal somatic copy number alterations in peripheral leukocytesBrown, D.W. et al2021-04-27Yes21552
Return 3380Genetic Association of Albuminuria with Cardiometabolic Disease and Blood PressureHaas, M.E.2021-04-26Yes7089
Return 3378Novel genome-wide associations for anhedonia, genetic correlation with psychiatric disorders, and polygenic association with brain structureWard, J. et al2021-04-26Yes6553
Return 3376BMI and future risk for COVID-19 infection and death across sex, age and ethnicity: Preliminary findings from UK biobankSattar et al2021-04-23No7155
Return 3374Genetic variants associated with rotator cuff tearing utilizing multiple population-based genetic resourcesTashjian et al2021-04-22No17847
Return 3372The mental health of emergency services personnel in the UK Biobank: a comparison with the working populationStevelink et al2021-04-22No34553
Return 3367Pan-cancer study detects genetic risk variants and shared genetic basis in two large cohortsRashkin, S.R. et al2021-04-22No14105
Return 3365Extreme inbreeding in a European ancestry sample from the contemporary UK populationYengo, L. et al2021-04-22No12505
Return 3364Coffee consumption and risk of hearing impairment in men and womenMachado-Fragua et al2021-04-21No29009
Return 3361Polygenic background modifies penetrance of monogenic variants for tier 1 genomic conditionsFahed, A.C. et al2021-04-21Yes7089
Return 3342GenNet framework: interpretable neural networks for phenotype predictionvan Hilten et al2021-04-15No23509
Return 3301Genotype-by-environment interactions inferred from genetic effects on phenotypic variability in the UK BiobankWang, H. et al2021-04-09No12505
Return 3295Blood Pressure and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in UK Biobank: A Mendelian Randomization StudyWan, E.Y.F. et al2021-04-09No53003
Return 3292Automated quantification of myocardial tissue characteristics from native T1 mapping using neural networks with uncertainty-based quality-controlPuyol-Anton, E.2021-04-09Yes17806
Return 3290Deep learning to estimate cardiac magnetic resonance-derived left ventricular massKhurshid, S. et al2021-04-09Yes7089
Return 3288How robust are cross-population signatures of polygenic adaptation to the choice of GWAS cohort?Refoyo-Martinez et al2021-04-07No32683
Return 3284Combined Utility of 25 Disease and Risk Factor Polygenic Risk Scores for Stratifying Risk of All-Cause MortalityMeisner, A. et al2021-04-06Yes17712
Return 3282Network Efficiency Mediates the Relationship Between Vascular Burden and Cognitive ImpairmentShen, J. et al2021-04-06Yes36509
Return 3279Chances and challenges of machine learning-based disease classification in genetic association studies illustrated on age-related macular degenerationGuenther, F. et al2021-04-06Yes33999
Return 3275Associations of air pollution with obesity and body fat percentage, and modification by polygenic risk score for BMI in the UK BiobankFurlong, M. A., Klimentidis, Y.C.2021-04-01Yes15678
Return 3273Associations of perceived adverse lifetime experiences with brain structure in UK Biobank participantsGheorghe, D.A., et al2021-04-01No15008
Return 3272Deep Learning and Glaucoma Specialists: The Relative Importance of Optic Disc Features to Predict Glaucoma Referral in Fundus PhotographsPhene, S. et al2021-04-01Yes17643
Return 3267Association of injury related hospital admissions with commuting by bicycle in the UK: prospective population based studyWelsh, C. et al2021-03-31No7155
Return 3265Metabolic syndrome and risk of pancreatic cancer: A population-based prospective cohort studyXia et al2021-03-31No51671
Return 3266Serum uric acid levels and risk of kidney cancer incidence and mortality: A prospective cohort studyDai, He, Jing & Yuan2021-03-31No51671
Return 3262A gene-level methylome-wide association analysis identifies novel Alzheimer<U+0092>s disease genesWu et al2021-03-31No48240
Return 3255Improved polygenic prediction by Bayesian multiple regression on summary statisticsLloyd-Jones, L.R. et al2021-03-26Yes12505
Return 3252Analysis of Genetic Host Response Risk Factors in Severe COVID-19 PatientsTaylor et al2021-03-19No44288
Return 3251Identification and Analysis of Shared Risk Factors in Sepsis and High Mortality Risk COVID-19 PatientsDas et al2021-03-19No44288
Return 3248Ascertainment Bias in the Association Between Elevated Lipoprotein(a) and Familial HypercholesterolemiaTrinder et al2021-03-19No42857
Return 3247Sequence variation at 8q24.21 and risk of back painWilliams et al2021-03-19No18219
Return 3245Automated localization and quality control of the aorta in cine CMR can significantly accelerate processing of the UK Biobank population dataBiasiolli et al2021-03-18Yes2964
Return 3241An Integrated Polygenic Tool Substantially Enhances Coronary Artery Disease PredictionRiveros-Mckay, F. et al2021-03-17Yes9659
Return 3242Validation of an Integrated Risk Tool, Including Polygenic Risk Score, for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease in Multiple Ethnicities and AncestriesWeale, M.E. et al2021-03-17Yes9659
Return 3206Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies genetic locus on chromosome 9 associated with Modic changesFreidin et al2021-03-11No18219
Return 3210Genome-wide meta-analysis of 158,000 individuals of European ancestry identifies three loci associated with chronic back painSuri et al2021-03-11No18219
Return 3207Analysis of genetically independent phenotypes identifies shared genetic factors associated with chronic musculoskeletal pain conditionsTsepilov et al2021-03-11No18219
Return 3209Insight into the genetic architecture of back pain and its risk factors from a study of 509,000 individualsFreidin et al2021-03-11No18219
Return 3208ISSLS Prize in Clinical Science 2020. Examining causal effects of body mass index on back pain: a Mendelian randomization studyElgaeva et al2021-03-11No18219
Return 3202Item-level Analyses Reveal Genetic Heterogeneity in NeuroticismNagel et al2021-03-11Yes16406
Return 3201Association Between Population Density and Genetic Risk for SchizophreniaColodro-Conde et al2021-03-11Yes12505
Return 3184The influence of X chromosome variants on trait neuroticismLuciano et al2021-03-09No10279
Return 3182Human Gain-of-Function MC4R Variants Show Signaling Bias and Protect against ObesityLotta et al2021-03-09No12885
Return 3153Prediction of systemic biomarkers from retinal photographs: development and validation of deep-learning algorithmsRim et al.2021-02-26Yes45925
Return 3148Association analysis in over 329,000 individuals identifies 116 independent variants influencing neuroticismLuciano et al2021-02-26No10279
Return 3149Functionally informed fine-mapping and polygenic localization of complex trait heritabilityWeissbrod et al2021-02-26No16549
Return 3141Identification of 153 new loci associated with heel bone mineral density and functional involvement of GPC6 in osteoporosisKemp et al2021-02-26No12703
Return 3140Discovery of common and rare genetic risk variants for colorectal cancerHuyghe et al2021-02-26No8614
Return 3137Age-dependent effect of APOE and polygenic component on Alzheimer's diseaseBellou, E. et al2021-02-22Yes15175
Return 3134Systematic drug repurposing to enable precision medicine: A case study in breast cancerTaylor et al.2021-02-18No44288
Return 3129Environmental exposure variables returned by application 42362021-02-12Yes50823
Return 3126Quantitative CMR population imaging on 20,000 subjects of the UK Biobank imaging study: LV/RV quantification pipeline and its evaluationAttar, R. et al2021-02-05Yes11350
Return 3123eQTL of KCNK2 regionally influences the brain sulcal widening: evidence from 15,597 UK Biobank participants with neuroimaging dataLe Guen Y. et al2021-02-05Yes25251
Return 3112Common brain disorders are associated with heritable patterns of apparent aging of the brainKaufmann et al2021-01-18No27412
Return 3110Brain scans from 21,297 individuals reveal the genetic architecture of hippocampal subfield volumesVan der Meer et al2021-01-15No27412
Return 3107Quantifying genetic effects on disease mediated by assayed gene expression levelsYao et al2021-01-15No16549
Return 3104CNV calls using PennCNV and QuantiSNP2021-01-14Yes40980
Return 3101A catalog of genetic loci associated with kidney function from analyses of a million individualsWuttke et al2021-01-05No20272
Return 3098Target genes, variants, tissues and transcriptional pathways influencing human serum urate levelsTin et al2021-01-04No20272
Return 3097Genome-wide association meta-analyses and fine-mapping elucidate pathways influencing albuminuriaTeumer et al2021-01-04No20272
Return 3094Monogenic and polygenic inheritance become instruments for clonal selectionLoh, P. et al2020-12-23Yes19808
Return 3089External validation of risk prediction models for incident colorectal cancer using UK BiobankUsher-Smith et al2020-12-17Yes5974
Return 3087Genome-wide association analyses identify 139 loci associated with macular thickness in the UK Biobank cohortGao et al2020-12-17No23424
Return 3084Causal associations between risk factors and common diseases inferred from GWAS summary dataZhu et al2020-12-16No12514
Return 3083GWAS Identifies 44 Independent Associated Genomic Loci for Self-Reported Adult Hearing Difficulty in UK BiobankWells et al2020-12-16No11516
Return 3078XTRACT - Standardised protocols for automated tractography in the human and macaque brainWarrington et al2020-12-16No43822
Return 3076Physical activity of UK adults with chronic disease: cross-sectional analysis of accelerometer-measured physical activity in 96 706 UK Biobank participantsBarker et al2020-12-16No15856
Return 3074Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for height and body mass index in ~700000 individuals of European ancestryYengo et al2020-12-16No12514
Return 3072Identifying Morphological Indicators of Aging With Neural Networks on Large-Scale Whole-Body MRILangner, T. et al2020-12-15Yes14237
Return 3065Are Bigger Brains Smarter? Evidence From a Large-Scale Preregistered StudyNave et al2020-12-14Yes11425
Return 3063Genetic determination of height-mediated mate choiceTenesa, Rawlik, Navarro, Canela-Xandri2020-12-14Yes8447
Return 3060Misestimation of heritability and prediction accuracy of male-pattern baldnessYap et al2020-12-14No12514
Return 3053The UKB envirome of depression: from interactions to synergistic effectsHullam2020-12-09No1602
Return 3052Resolving TYK2 locus genotype-to-phenotype differences in autoimmunityDendrou et al2020-12-09No10625
Return 3050Genome-Wide Association Study Meta-Analysis of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) in Two Population-Based CohortsSanchez-Roige et al2020-12-09No4844
Return 3049Genome-wide meta-analysis of depression in 807,553 individuals identifies 102 independent variants with replication in a further 1,507,153 individualsHoward et al2020-12-09No4844
Return 3048Body-mass index and all-cause mortality: individualparticipant-data meta-analysis of 239 prospective studies in four continentsThe Global BMI Mortality Collaboration2020-12-09No7439
Return 3046Comorbidities in the diseasome are more apparent than real: What Bayesian filtering reveals about the comorbidities of depressionMarx et al2020-12-09No1602
Return 3041Transformation of Summary Statistics from Linear Mixed Model Association on All-or-None Traits to Odds RatioLloyd-Jones et al2020-12-08No12514
Return 3034Human pain genetics database: a resource dedicated to human pain genetics researchMeloto et al2020-12-07No20802
Return 2962Enhancer locus in ch14q23.1 modulates brain asymmetric temporal regions involved in languageLe Guen, Y. et al2020-12-04Yes25251
Return 2945Driving status, travel modes and accelerometer- assessed physical activity in younger, middle-aged and older adults: a prospective study of 90?810 UK Biobank participantsHajna et al2020-12-03No4483
Return 2943Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of outdoor air pollution exposure and cognitive function in UK BiobankCullen et al2020-12-03No11332
Return 2941The Shared Genetic Basis of Educational Attainment and Cerebral Cortical MorphologyTian Ge et al2020-12-03No32568
Return 2921Automated classification of depression from structural brain measures across two independent community-based cohortsStolicyn, A. et al2020-12-03Yes4844
Return 2908Body size, body composition and endometrial cancer risk among postmenopausal women in UK BiobankWemimo Omiyale, Naomi E. Allen, Si<e2>n Sweetland2020-12-02No8294
Return 2906The Associations of Diuretics and Laxatives Use with Cardiovascular Mortality. An Individual Patient-Data Meta-analysis of Two Large Cohort StudiesHoppe et al2020-12-01No21133
Return 2904Dissection of genetic variation and evidence for pleiotropy in male pattern baldnessYap et al2020-11-30No12505
Return 2903Maternal and fetal genetic effects on birth weight and their relevance to cardio-metabolic risk factorsWarrington et al2020-11-30No12703
Return 2902A small amount of precisely measured high-intensity habitual physical activity predicts bone health in pre- and post-menopausal women in UK BiobankVictoria H Stiles, Brad S Metcalf, Karen M Knapp, Alex V Row2020-11-27No10995
Return 2900Genome-wide study of hair colour in UK Biobank explains most of the SNP heritabilityMorgan et al2020-11-27No7206
Return 2898Genomics of 1 million parent lifespans implicates novel pathways and common diseases and distinguishes survival chancesTimmers et al2020-11-27No8304
Return 2895The effect of body mass index on smoking behaviour and nicotine metabolism: a Mendelian randomization studyTaylor et al2020-11-27No9142
Return 2891Cannabis use, depression and self-harm: phenotypic and genetic relationshipsHodgson et al2020-11-27No18177
Return 2893Night Shift Work, Genetic Risk, and Type 2 Diabetes in the UK BiobankVetter et al2020-11-27No6818
Return 2890Risk of breast cancer in the UK biobank female cohort and its relationship to anthropometric and reproductive factorsAl-Ajmi et al2020-11-27No5791
Return 2887Multi-trait analysis of genome-wide association summary statistics using MTAGTurley et al2020-11-27No11425
Return 2888Urinary Albumin, Sodium, and Potassium and Cardiovascular Outcomes in the UK BiobankZanetti et al2020-11-27No13721
Return 2886Genome-wide association meta-analysis in 269,867 individuals identifies new genetic and functional links to intelligenceSavage et al2020-11-26No16406
Return 2885Conditional and interaction gene-set analysis reveals novel functional pathways for blood pressurede Leeuw et al2020-11-26No16406
Return 2880Maternal and fetal genetic effects on birth weight and their relevance to cardio-metabolic risk factorsWarrington et al.2020-11-26No7036
Return 2881Association of maternal circulating 25(OH)D and calcium with birth weight: A mendelian randomisation analysisThompson et al2020-11-26No7036
Return 2883Identifying genetic variants that affect viability in large cohortsMostafavi et al2020-11-26No11138
Return 2879Metric learning with spectral graph convolutions on brain connectivity networksKtena et al2020-11-26No12579
Return 2877Education can reduce health differences related to genetic risk of obesitySilvia H. Barcellos, Leandro S. Carvalho, Patrick Turley2020-11-25No15666
Return 2875Genome-wide association study of coronary artery disease among individuals with diabetes: the UK BiobankTove Fall, Stefan Gustafsson,Marju Orho-Melander,Erik Ingels2020-11-25No11140
Return 2865Vitamin D supplement use and associated demographic, dietary and lifestyle factors in 8024 South Asians aged 40<U+0096>69 years: analysis of the UK Biobank cohortDarling et al2020-11-24No15168
Return 2858The association between driving time and unhealthy lifestyles: a cross-sectional, general population study of 386 493 UK Biobank participantsMackay et al2020-11-24No7155
Return 2857Genetic study links components of the autonomous nervous system to heart-rate profile during exerciseNiek Verweij, Yordi J. van de Vegte, Pim van der Harst2020-11-24No15031
Return 2855Genome-wide association study identifes loci for arterial stifness index in 127,121 UK Biobank participantsFung et al2020-11-24No2964
Return 2854Evaluation of Association of TRPV4 Variation with Heart Failure, Respiratory, Renal and Menstruation Phenotypes (unpublished results)2020-11-23No13352
Return 2852Reflection on modern methods: calculating a sample size for a repeatability sub-study to correct for measurement error in a single continuous exposureKaty E Morgan, Sarah Cook, David A Leon, Chris Frost2020-11-23No15008
Return 2849Bioimpedance and New-Onset Heart Failure: A Longitudinal Study of >500 000 Individuals From the General PopulationLindholm et al2020-11-23No16097
Return 2850Large-Scale Phenome-Wide Association Study of PCSK9 Variants Demonstrates Protection Against Ischemic StrokeRao et al2020-11-23No16097
Return 2847Healthy living and cancer: evidence from UK BiobankElwood et al2020-11-23No15008
Return 2845Comparison of Conventional Lipoprotein Tests and Apolipoproteins in the Prediction of Cardiovascular DiseaseWelsh et al2020-11-23No9310
Return 2844Urinary Sodium Excretion, Blood Pressure, and Risk of Future Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality in Subjects Without Prior Cardiovascular DiseaseWelsh et al2020-11-23No9310
Return 2842Right ventricular shape and function: cardiovascular magnetic resonance reference morphology and biventricular risk factor morphometrics in UK BiobankMauger et al2020-11-23No2964
Return 2843Association Between Recreational Cannabis Use and Cardiac Structure and FunctionKhanji et al2020-11-23No2964
Return 2838Comparison of risk factor associations in UK Biobank against representative, gen pop based studies with conventional response rates: prospective cohort study and individual participant meta-analysisBatty et al2020-11-20No10279
Return 2837Assessment of Relative Utility of Underlying vs Contributory Causes of DeathBatty et al2020-11-20No10279
Return 2836Cognitive ability and risk of death from lower respiratory tract infection: findings from UK BiobankGale et al2020-11-20No10279
Return 2840The impact of glycated hemoglobin on risk of hypertension: a Mendelian randomization study using UK BiobankShiu Lun Au Yeung, Shan Luo, Catherine M Schooling2020-11-20No14864
Return 2835Relationship between multimorbidity, demographic factors and mortality: findings from the UK Biobank cohortJani, B.D. et al2020-11-20No14151
Return 2834Social isolation and loneliness as risk factors for myocardial infarction, stroke and mortality: UK Biobank cohort study of 479 054 men and womenHakulinen et al2020-11-19No14801
Return 2833Patterns of Multimorbidity in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: An Analysis of the UK Biobank DataZemedikun et al2020-11-19No14146
Return 2831Identification of 22 novel loci associated with urinary biomarkers of albumin, sodium, and potassium excretionZanetti et al2020-11-19No13721
Return 2830Impact of major depression on cardiovascular outcomes for individuals with hypertension: prospective survival analysis in UK BiobankGraham et al2020-11-18No7155
Return 2829Body composition and atrial fibrillation: a Mendelian randomization studyTikkanen et al2020-11-18No13721
Return 2827COVID-19 and<U+00A0>associations with<U+00A0>frailty and<U+00A0>multimorbidity: a<U+00A0>prospective analysis of<U+00A0>UK Biobank participantsWoolford et al2020-11-17No3593
Return 2826Is smoking heaviness causally associated with alcohol use? A Mendelian randomization study in four European cohortsTaylor et al2020-11-17No9142
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Return 2823The effect of smoking intensity on all-cause and cause-specific mortality - a Mendelian randomization analysisVie et al2020-11-17No9142
Return 2822Cigarette smoking and personality: interrogating causality using Mendelian randomisationSallis et al2020-11-17No9142
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Return 2820Does coffee consumption impact on heaviness of smoking?Ware et al2020-11-17No9142
Return 2818Raw fluorescent probe dataNA2020-11-11No648
Return 2816Ethnic and socioeconomic differences in SARS-CoV-2 infection: prospective cohort study using UK BiobankNiedzwiedz et al2020-11-06No41686
Return 2814Mendelian Randomization Analysis of Hemoglobin A1c as a Risk Factor for Coronary Artery DiseaseLeong et al.2020-11-06Yes3913
Return 2811Links between air pollution and COVID-19 in EnglandTravaglio, M. et al2020-11-05No60124
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Return 2769Poorer Speech Reception Threshold in Noise Is Associated With Lower Brain Volume in Auditory and Cognitive Processing RegionsMary Rudner, et al2020-11-03No3572
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Return 2686Association Between Titin Loss-of-Function Variants and Early-Onset Atrial FibrillationChoi et al2020-10-30No17488
Return 2685Phenotypic Refinement of Heart Failure in a National Biobank Facilitates Genetic DiscoveryAragam et al2020-10-30No17488
Return 2687Frequency of Cardiac Rhythm Abnormalities in a Half Million AdultsKhurshid et al2020-10-30No17488
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Return 2621Using alternatives to the car and risk of all-cause, cardiovascular and cancer mortalityPanter et al2020-10-28No20684
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Return 2522Functional architecture of low-frequency variants highlights strength of negative selection across coding and non-coding annotationsSteven Gazal et al2020-10-22No16549
Return 2501An atlas of genetic associations in UK BiobankCanela-Xandri, O et al2020-10-19Yes4939
Return 2483Longitudinal Changes in Fat Mass and the HippocampusAmbikairajah, A. et al2020-10-15No47813
Return 2461Depression with atypical neurovegetative symptoms shares genetic predisposition with immuno-metabolic traits and alcohol consumptionBadini, I. et al2020-10-15Yes18177
Return 2444Identification of 613 new loci associated with heel bone mineral density and a polygenic risk score for bone mineral density, osteoporosis and fractureKim, S.2020-10-05Yes17847
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Return 2381Association of Monogenic vs Polygenic Hypercholesterolemia With Risk of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular DiseaseTrinder, M. et al2020-09-03Yes42857
Return 2367Thirty loci identified for heart rate response to exercise and recovery implicate autonomic nervous systemRamirez, J. et al2020-08-25Yes8256
Return 2364The impact of menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) on cardiac structure and functionSanghvi, M.M. et al2020-08-25No2964
Return 2363Global and Regional Development of the Human Cerebral Cortex: Molecular Architecture and Occupational AptitudesShin, J. et al2020-08-25Yes43688
Return 2342Genome-wide and Mendelian randomisation studies of liver MRI yield insights into the pathogenesis of steatohepatitisParisinos, C.A. et al2020-08-24Yes9914
Return 2321 Lipoprotein A values that were outside the reportable range at assay2020-08-17Yes50016
Return 2302Genetic Predisposition to High Blood Pressure and Lifestyle FactorsPazoki, R. et al2020-08-07Yes10035
Return 2282Brain age prediction using deep learning uncovers associated sequence variantsJonsson, B.A. et al2020-07-28Yes24898
Return 2262Genome-wide association study of habitual physical activity in over 377,000 UK Biobank participants identifies multiple variants including CADM2 and APOEKlimentidis, Y. et al2020-07-24Yes15678
Return 2245Improved Genetic Profiling of Anthropometric Traits Using a Big Data ApproachCanela-Xandri, O. et al2020-06-29Yes788
Return 2242Statistical machine learning of sleep and physical activity phenotypes from sensor data in 96,220 UK Biobank participantsMatthew Willets, et al.2020-06-24Yes9126
Return 2222Fully Automated, Quality-Controlled Cardiac Analysis From CMR: Validation and Large-Scale Application to Characterize Cardiac FunctionBram Ruijsink et al.2020-06-18Yes17806
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Return 2172Sex differences in macronutrient intake and adherence to dietary recommendations: findings from the UK BiobankElizabeth Bennett et al2020-04-09No2495
Return 2168Prospective investigation of risk factors for prostate cancer in the UK Biobank cohort studyAurora Perez-Cornago et al.2020-04-09No3282
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Return 2166Biological Insights Into Muscular Strength: Genetic Findings in the UK BiobankEmmi Tikkanen et al2020-04-09No13721
Return 2163Genome-wide Study of Atrial Fibrillation Identifies Seven Risk Loci and Highlights Biological Pathways and Regulatory Elements Involved in Cardiac DevelopmentJonas B. Nielsen et al2020-04-08No13721
Return 2159Genome-wide association analyses of risk tolerance and risky behaviors in over 1 million individuals identify hundreds of loci and shared genetic influencesKarlsson Linner, R. et al2020-04-07Yes11425
Return 21583-D Consistent and Robust Segmentation of Cardiac Images by Deep Learning With Spatial PropagationZheng et al2020-04-07Yes2964
Return 2156Genetic predictors of testosterone and their associations withcardiovascular disease and risk factors: A Mendelianrandomization investigationSchooling et al2020-04-02No14864
Return 2154Imputation of behavioral candidate gene repeat variants in 486,551 publicly-available UK Biobank individualsBorder et al2020-04-02Yes16651
Return 2151Association of genetically predicted testosterone with thromboembolism, heart failure, and myocardial infarction: mendelian randomisation study in UK BiobankLuo, S. et al2020-03-17No14864
Return 2146Differential associations of engagement in physical activity and estimated cardiorespiratory fitness with brain volume in middle-aged to older adultsRaichlen, D.A. et al2020-03-16Yes21259
Return 2144Polygenic Risk Score Is Associated With Intraocular Pressure and Improves Glaucoma Prediction in the UK Biobank CohortGao, X.R. et al2020-03-16Yes23424
Return 2142Causal Inference for Genetically Determined Levels of High-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Risk of Infectious DiseaseTrinder, M. et al2020-03-16Yes42857
Return 2126The prevalence of co-morbidities and their impact on physical activity in people with inflammatory rheumatic diseases compared to the general population: results from the UK BiobankCook, M. et al2020-03-10Yes7996
Return 2121Polygenic risk for schizophrenia and season of birth within the UK Biobank cohortEscott-Price, V. et al2020-03-10Yes6553
Return 2102Estimating the causal effect of body mass index on hay fever, asthma and lung function using Mendelian randomizationSkaaby, T et al2020-03-04No17765
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Return 2082Seasonality of depressive symptoms in women but not in men: A cross-sectional study in the UK Biobank cohortLyall, L et al2020-03-03Yes26209
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Return 1943New genetic signals for lung function highlight pathways and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease associations across multiple ancestriesShrine, N. et al2020-02-04Yes648
Return 1942GWAS identifies 14 loci for device-measured physical activity and sleep durationDoherty, A. et al2020-02-03Yes11867
Return 1921Classical Human Leukocyte Antigen Alleles and C4 Haplotypes Are Not Significantly Associated With DepressionGlanville et al2020-01-29Yes18177
Return 1902Evaluation of UK Biobank spirograms and derivation of indices from the volume-time curvesStrachan, David2020-01-22No412
Return 1889Fully Automated Myocardial Strain Estimation from Cardiovascular MRI-tagged Images Using a Deep Learning Framework in the UK BiobankFerdian, E. et al2020-01-17Yes2964
Return 1886Automated cardiovascular magnetic resonance image analysis with fully convolutional networksBai, W. et al2020-01-16Yes18545
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Return 1877Fuelling health equity? The impact of the Winter Fuel Payment on the health of UK households.Daly, Michael2020-01-16Yes5216
Return 1875Associations with Retinal Pigment Epithelium Thickness Measures in a Large Cohort Results from the UK BiobankFang Ko et al2020-01-16Yes2112
Return 1866Automated localization and quality control of the aorta in cine CMR can significantly accelerate processing of the UK Biobank population dataBiasiolli, L et al2020-01-15Yes2964
Return 1864Cardiac radiomics data returned by application 2964N/A2020-01-15Yes2964
Return 1862Genome-wide association analyses of chronotype in 697,828 individuals provides insights into circadian rhythmsSamuel E. Jones et al.2020-01-14Yes9072
Return 1850When Is Higher Neuroticism Protective Against Death? Findings From UK BiobankGale et al2019-12-06No10279
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Return 1834Association of Polygenic Risk for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder With Co-occurring Traits and DisordersEbba Du Reitz et al2019-11-29No18177
Return 1831Detection and quantification of inbreeding depression for complex traits from SNP dataYengo et al2019-11-26No12505
Return 1827Identification of 12 genetic loci associated with human healthspanZenin et al2019-11-22No21988
Return 1825Performance of gout definitions for genetic epidemiological studies: analysis of UK BiobankCadzow et al2019-11-22Yes12611
Return 1822Genetic evidence of assortative mating in humansRobinson et al.2019-11-20No12514
Return 1803Longer-Lived Parents and Cardiovascular OutcomesAtkins, J. et al2019-10-21No1417
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Return 1683Cannabis use and risk of schizophrenia: a Medelian randomization studyVaucher, J et al2019-07-29No7155
Return 1681Association of Body Mass Index With Cardiometabolic Disease in the UK Biobank: A Mendelian Randomization StudyLyall DM et al.2019-07-29No7155
Return 1682PCSK9 genetic variants and risk of type 2 diabetes: a mendelian randomisation studyAmand Schmidt et al2019-07-29No7155
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Return 1475Number of offspring and cardiovascular disease risk in men and womenMagnus, M.C. et al2018-07-05No6326
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Return 1469Women's reproductive health factors and body adiposity: findings from the UK BiobankPeters, S.A.E et al2018-07-05No2495
Return 1468Sex differences in body anthropometry and composition in individuals with and without diabetes in UK BiobankPeters, S.A.E. et al2018-07-05No2495
Return 1465Cost-effectiveness of the polypill versus risk assessment for prevention of cardiovascular diseaseFerket, B.S. et al2018-07-05No1995
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Return 1456Events in Early Life are Associated with Female Reproductive Ageing: A UK Biobank StudyRuth, K.S. et al2018-07-04Yes871
Return 1455Genetic evidence that lower circulating FSH levels lengthen menstrual cycle, increase age at menopause and impact female reproductive healthRuth, K.S. et al2018-07-04Yes871
Return 1364Built Environment data for Edinburgh and Glasgow2018-06-13Yes38006
Return 1369Built Environment data for Wales2018-06-13Yes38006
Return 1363Reference ranges for cardiac structure and function using cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) in Caucasians from the UK Biobank population cohortPetersen et al2018-06-13Yes2964
Return 1368Built Environment data for Stoke2018-06-13Yes38006
Return 1365Built Environment data for Greater London Authority2018-06-13Yes38006
Return 1367Built Environment data for Leeds and Sheffield2018-06-13Yes38006
Return 1366Built Environment data for Liverpool, Manchester and Bury2018-06-13Yes38006
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