Help : Tier

UK Biobank data is split into tiers according to the cost of accessing it via various methods. There are three methods of access:

Tiers are numbered ascendingly according to scope (and cost). An Application in a particular tier has access to all fields at that tier or lower, so (for example) an Application at tier 2 has access to all fields which are categorised as either 2 or 1.

The tier associated with a particular field is displayed in the format "dA oB sC" where A, B and C are the minimum tiers required to access that particular field via the Showcase, Online and Download routes respectively. If a field is not accessible via a particular route then an "X" is displayed.

To illustrate: a field labelled "dX o1 s3" would require an Application to be in tier 3 to access its content via the Showcase routes, in tier 1 to access it online with the RAP, and is not available for direct download at any tier. Thus an Application which has paid a tier 2 fee could access this field via the RAP but not any other route.

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