Category 2005
Health-related outcomesHospital inpatient ⏵ Summary Operations


This category contains summary fields relating to operations and procedures performed during hospital inpatient admissions. The operations/procedures data-fields list for each participant all the distinct values for that data-field in the inpatient data coded according to the Office of Population Censuses and Surveys Classification of Interventions and Procedures (OPCS-3 & OPCS-4).

Most data-fields in this category have a corresponding field showing the date each code was first recorded in the inpatient data. Please note that we have opted to populate this data-field with the episode start date (EPISTART in the HESIN table) or, if that was missing, the admission start date (ADMIDATE in the HESIN table) rather than use the operation date (OPDATE in the HESIN_OPER table). The rationale for this was:

These fields are supplied as part of a main UK Biobank dataset.

See the Operations tab of the Hospital Inpatient Data Dictionary (Resource 141140) for further information about these fields.