Category 158
Assessment centreImagingAbdominal MRI ⏵ Abdominal organ composition


This category contains derived data from the abdominal MRI, which were supplied by Calico (Calico Life Sciences LLC, South San Francisco, USA) and the University of Westminster, as described in Publication 4891 and Publication 7129.

Image-derived phenotypes relating to liver iron and fat, and abdominal composition have been generated by multiple institutes. The data from these other institutes are held in Category 126 and Category 149. Meaningful differences may exist between data across these categories and therefore, data should not be merged without very careful consideration.

Derived-data were estimated using 1 of 3 pipelines. Across the fields in this category, a single participant may have data generated by more than one pipeline. The QC Field 21094 indicates, for each participant, the data fields associated with each pipeline. The notes section and array indices of the QC field should be noted for details of each pipeline.