Category 149
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This category contains derived data from the abdominal MRI, which were supplied by AMRA® Medical AB (Linköping, Sweden).

Image-derived phenotypes relating to liver iron and fat, and abdominal composition have been generated by multiple institutes. The data from these other institutes are held in Category 126 and Category 158. Meaningful differences may exist between data across these categories and therefore, data should not be merged without very careful consideration.

Two highly comparable, but distinct pipelines have been used to generate the derived data in this category. Data for participants with only instance 2 have been generated using one pipeline (pipeline version 1). For those with data at both instance 2 and 3, data from instance 2 have been reanalysed in connection with analysis of the corresponding data from instance 3 to enable the highest possible precision for longitudinal assessment (pipeline version 2). A list of the participants with data at both instance 2 and 3, analysed with pipeline version 2, can currently be found in Field 41000.

The following OpenAccess publications provide details of the methods used to derive data in this category under pipeline version 1:
When using the data for research purposes, the following publications may also be of interest: