Category 1839
Biological samplesBlood assaysProteomics ⏵ Protein biomarkers


Field 30900 in this category grants access to the normalised protein expression (NPX) data made available in the olink_data table via the Data Portal.

When selected in a basket, a column is included in the unpacked main dataset indicating the number of protein biomarkers that are available for each participant-instance.

The Data Portal table lists the NPX result for each assayed protein per participant-instance. Data-Coding 143 provides an indexed name and description for each assay in the dataset.

Additional QC variables can be joined to these data via resource datasets, for example by using the values for sample plate, protein ID, and visit instance. These generic datasets can be downloaded through the resources section of this category and are provided in machine-readable format.

For further details regarding data preparation and usage, please see Resource 4654, Resource 4655, Resource 4656, Resource 4657, and Resource 4658 - also accessible through the resources section of this category.

Details regarding the first phase of the UK Biobank Pharma Proteomics Project can be found in the following whitepaper: