Resource 40441
Name:DXA Measurement Error Threshold

Upon visiting the assessment centre, a participants height and weight are recorded, and stored in Field 50 and Field 21002, respectively. These fields represent preferential fields for height and weight measures in showcase. These height and weight measures are entered into the DXA scanner, and used to specify the optimum setting for the scan. The values entered into the DXA scanner are recorded in Field 12144 (height) and Field 12143 (weight) As these values are entered into the scanner manually, errors in the entry of these values may affect the measurements derived from the DXA scan. This document looks at identifying at what percentage threshold, differences in height and weight measurements, between the preferential showcase fields and the values entered into the DXA scanner correlated with outliers within the DXA data.

This resource can be downloaded or viewed using the link: DXA_QC_outlier_thresholding.pdf

If you have wget available (typically on linux systems), then you can also obtain a copy using the command

 wget  -nd