Category 100012
Assessment centrePhysical measures ⏵ ECG during exercise


This category contains data on cardio-respiratory fitness, and involves heart-rate monitoring (using a 4-lead electrocardiograph [ECG]; CAM-USB 6.5, Cardiosoft v6.51) during cycle ergometry on a stationary bike (eBike, Firmware v1.7) with a ramp slope that is adapted to the individual based on age, gender, weight and medical history. ECGs were recorded pre-test (15 seconds), during activity (6 minutes) and in recovery (1 minute). The participant's risk category was first calculated to determine what level of activity they should perform or have only a resting ECG performed. The percentage levels of effort during activity were then determined according to their risk category, and their maximum workload was calculated according to age, height, weight, resting heart rate and sex. These measures were introduced to the Assessment Centre towards the end of recruitment.

Please note that the ecg/fitness data fields have not yet been summarised into a form suitable for non-specialists and require expert knowledge for analysis. Derived summary variables will be incorporated into the resource when this work is complete.